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Welcome! This is my Dog Original Paintings webpage, showing all originals that are currently for sale. Please consider buying an original. . .the quality of an original is so much better than any screen image, notecard, or print. You'll get the satisfaction of knowing you have encouraged the arts as well as knowing you own a true one-of-a-kind hanging in your home. 
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Original Watercolor Painting for Sale
In Disgrace - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel by Janet Wissmann
Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Original Watercolor Painting - "In Disgrace"
This is an original painting.
Finished (matted) size: 18 x 24"
Image size: 11.5x 17"
Charles Burton Barber's original painting over a hundred years ago showed a little terrier puppy under this little girl's skirts. The watercolorist Janet Wissmann thought it might look better with a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel--and it does! Janet writes, "I enjoyed painting this one. The little Blenheim pup turned out to be the perfect choice as a sympathetic companion. And the gradual buildup of multiple glazes on the walls resulted in a beautiful study of pastel blues, greens, ochres and siennas. This painting simply glows!" Please call to purchase this painting or to request more photographs.  

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 This Blenheim Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Dog Painting by Janet L. Wissmann is based on the 1896 painting by Charles Burton Barber, which showed a terrier puppy under the little girl's skirt. It's much better now! Prints of this Cavalier King Charles watercolor painting are for sale.

Original Watercolor Paintings for Sale - Bernese
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Great Pyrenees lovers won't want to miss this one!
Original Watercolor Painting for Sale
A Very Special Pleader -Great Pyrenees
A Very Special Pleader
                       Great Pyrenees

Original Watercolor Painting
This is the original watercolor painting from which Janet Wissmann's popular limited-edition prints were made. Janet was inspired by Charles Burton Barber's 1896 painting A Special Pleader, which showed an English Shepherd. This original painting includes frame and mat. Matting is rich dark brown moka Moorman suede over rust, with a brass title plate. Does not include glass if painting is to be shipped.   Image size: 16.5 x 23.5 inches.  Frame size: 22x28.   Finished outer frame size ~25 x 31 inches. Please call to purchase. Buyer of the original will also receive 5 signed, limited-edition prints of the painting.  Original painting: $3,195.  Prints are available for $90, here.
Click any of these detail pictures below to see them greatly enlarged. You will be able to see the texture of the watercolor paper, and in the lower right picture you will see the beautiful embossed frame.

For Limited-edition prints of this painting ($90) go here »

Original Watercolor Painting for Sale
 A Very Special Pleader - Newfoundland - by Janet Wissmann A Very Special Pleader - Original Watercolor Painting.  This watercolor by artist Janet L. Wissmann is a painting of a Newfoundland, and is based on the 1896 painting, A Special Pleader, by Charles Burton Barber. Barber's painting originally showed the little girl with a collie-like dog. Image size 16.5 x 23.5 inches Finished matted size 22 x 28 inches. This original Newfie painting is richly matted in dark rust suede over hunter green, with a brass name plate, and framed with an oakleaf-embossed mahogany frame (click detail picture at right to enlarge). Outer frame dimensions ~26x32 inches. If you are interested in this original watercolor painting, please call. Price for the framed original is $3,195.  If you buy the original painting you will also receive 5 free limited-edition prints of the painting -- fun to give away, use for raffles, help your humane society or Newf Rescue Club, and more! If you are interested in this original, Janet will be happy to provide more photographs of this beautifully framed piece. Signed, Ltd.ed. PRINTS of this painting are available - $90 - here »

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Newfoundland art print painting. Newfoundland fine art original painting. Newfoundland fine art original watercolor, "A Very Special Pleader", by artist Janet Wissmann shows a little girl in a corner with a very sympathetic Newfie beside her.

Original Watercolor Painting for Sale
A Very Special Pleader - Belgian Tervuren
A Very Special Pleader -Original Watercolor Painting
This original transparent watercolor painting of a sympathetic Belgian Tervuren is based on the 1896 painting, A Special Pleader by Charles Burton Barber, which showed an English Shepherd. Watercolorist Janet Wissmann painted it again, only this time with a beautiful Belgian Tervuren (or Groenendael). The painting size is 16.5x23.5 inches. Finished matted size (frame size) is 22x28". The original will come richly matted with dark Moka suede top mat, black inner mat, and brass name plate. Click on the pictures below to get a better sense of the remarkable beauty, clarity, and detail in this original watercolor painting. If you are interested in this original, please ask to see pictures of the rich matting. This painting is a real knockout. Original: $3,195. Buyer of the original painting will also receive five limited-edition prints of the painting, at no cost. You can buy limited-edition prints of this painting - $90 - here »
Click on these pictures to enlarge


If you are a member of a breed club looking for donations, you might consider purchasing this original and placing it for auction at one of your club's functions.
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Janet L. Wissmann, Watercolorist - Soldiers Grove, Wisconsin 
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